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RestoreHER consulted on the national legislation, “Pregnant Women In Custody Act” introduced by Representative Karen Bass. More importantly, RestoreHER was instrumental in the historical passing of First Step Act, HR5682 which bans the shackling of incarcerated federal women, as well as provides free sanitary napkins and tampons.

(RestoreHER) is a policy advocacy organization supported by pre-arrest diversion and reentry, based in Georgia. RestoreHER addresses the social determinants of criminalization and social inequities through education, awareness, leadership, and policy advocacy to protect the dignity and restore the rights of all women directly impacted by incarceration, convictions, and trauma. Our mission is to enhance the lives of directly impacted women and work in partnership with those women to end the vicious cycle that leads to the mass incarceration for women of color and pregnant women in the south.


RestoreHER spearheaded the campaign, #DIGNITY For Incarcerated Women GA, where HB345 passed “unanimously” ending shackling and solitary confinement of incarcerated women in the state of Georgia.